Did you know a wedding photographer is a wedding planner in disguise?

A wedding is a once in a life time occasion. Though in today’s context it would not be incongruous to specify once in a life time to the same person! Unless you’re Elizabeth Taylor maybe. Either ways…no matter what, every couple wants their wedding to be special, nay, perfect at the very least. Not very difficult to achieve now, with the internet for inspiration and resources. But where does one start the extremely daunting task? After all, it is the big fat Indian wedding!

Once you’re past choosing the muhurat date, venue and rings, you can begin working on the guest list. I’m taking the liberty here, to assume your spouse has been cinched. If not, then please figure that one out at your own convenience.

Once these short-term concerns have been addressed it’s time to think of the big picture. Perfect spouse plus perfect arrangements equals perfect memories. During the prep, you would of course, be overwhelmed by innumerable checklists and it would be quite natural to put aside the decision to find a photographer until much later.

I would like to offer you a different perspective, which, if you decide to incorporate into your preparations, will cost you nothing more than the professional fee you would be paying a photographer anyway. It will however, be a great deal of help in your decision-making process, to realise your perfect wedding.

Here are five reasons why hiring a professional photographer before anything else is the best idea EVER!

This is your first time, not his!

Ask someone who got their wedding shot by an amateur and you will know why hiring a professional photographer is so important. While this may be your first time, a pro photographer’s experience can make all the difference to your wedding memories.

A professional photographer comes with a network of his own; you may end up getting a fabulous deal.

The convenience of package deals will save a lot of effort running around. Your professional photographer can bring with him his own team for styling, to get everything in sync for those perfect clicks. Photographers have exclusive tie ups with travel consultants to provide honeymoon trips and include an intimate photo shoot with the couple on their vacation.

They have a thing for color

Colors define the mood of the picture. They can add that x-factor to your picture. And who better than a professional photographer can sort those colors to make you look picture-perfect. For example, they can tell you which color theme to choose for your wedding day. The warm and vivid hues of the daytime make yellows standout in the picture, whereas, in the night time, blue has the most heightened effect.

You know about pictures, they know photography!

Wondering, what differentiates the two? Well, pictures are what you see on your screen or in the prints, photography on the other hand has technical and artistic nuances with myriad styles.

They know what is trending and what not!

A professional photographer can also be an unpaid wedding planner providing help with the choice of hues and drapes to make your wedding pictures look straight out of a magazine. They know about latest trends, cults and fashion that will make you look the best for your D-day.

Eventually, when you will only be left with photographs from your perfect wedding, shouldn’t they be perfect as well?

Still not convinced? Give us a call and we’ll prove to you why investing in a professional wedding photographer is the best decision you will make.